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Did You Give or Get Homemade Gifts?

This year I decided to try my hand at making some homemade gifts. Of course, I decided to make food — mostly sweets — and in all of the recipes Safest Choice™ eggs were used.

First, I made peppermint patties. This recipe calls for pasteurized eggs in order to make the peppermint dough center safely. If you have a stand mixer this no bake, five ingredient recipe from is simple enough.

I substituted 3 Safest Choice pasteurized shell egg whites in for the 1/4 cup liquid egg product. Just mix the dough, let it dry overnight, cover in dark chocolate and refrigerate for a few hours. Then enjoy this perfect holiday treat!

A tin full of homemade peppermint patties and chocolate covered pretzels

Peppermint Pattie

Next, I baked chocolate chunk and white chip chocolate with dried cherries cookies. The batter was delicious! I followed  classic Nestle® Toll House® recipes.

Cookie jar gift

Finally, I made seasoned and roasted nuts that were a huge hit. I adapted this recipe based on the spices in my cabinet. For separate sweet (cinnamon, brown sugar and nutmeg) and spicy mixes (paprika, Worcestershire sauce, cayenne and white pepper)  I used an egg white to coat the nuts. Doing so cut out butter and cut down on sugar while adding the nutrients and protein of an egg.

Spicy and sweet mixed nuts

Homemade gifts are always special. The time and thought spent on making a present can’t compare. Did you give or get any homemade gifts this year?