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Eggs with Zoodles Recipe

We are back in the weeknight swing and I’m working on some new dinner recipes to add to my current repertoire. Over the summer we got into two dishes: zoodles and shakshuka. Both are simple to make and taste delicious. Until now, I’ve been serving them separately, but this week I decided to combine them into one easy dish, eggs with zoodles. My plan was to bake the eggs in the tomatoes and serve them over zoodles for an easy, healthy dinner.

Eggs with zoodles recipe

Procuring the ingredients was easy. And, while I was doing so, I picked up some Davidson’s Safest Choice® pasteurized eggs. They are pasteurized in an all-natural warm water bath to eliminate the risk of Salmonella. Knowing this eases my mind when it comes to serving eggs to my children. We like them a little runny and I don’t worry at all.

I baked them up in the oven and scooped them right out onto the zoodles when they were done. We loved the textures of rich tomato sauce and egg combined with the cool, crunchy noodles. It was an extremely satisfying dinner that pleased the whole family and I know I’ll be making it again.