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Mix and Match: A Dozen Ice Cream and Gelato Toppings

Looking for a delicious way to dress up your favorite ice cream or gelato recipes? Try these mix and match topping ideas to add a little flair to any ice cream or gelato you have on hand or try them with our ricotta gelato recipe for a delicious alternative to vanilla ice cream.

Mix and match gelato toppings

They’re also perfect for a homemade ice cream and gelato bar. With all the different mix and match combinations, your guests are sure to go back for seconds—and even thirds!

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Get your ice cream on! There’s something magical about the fresh, creamy taste of homemade ice cream and gelato—and when you use Davidson’s™ eggs, you eliminate the risk of Salmonella. Download our free homemade ice cream and gelato recipe booklet for a dozen delicious recipe ideas. You won’t be able to try just one! And check out our recipe center for even more homemade ice cream and gelato recipes.