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Roasted Berries Ice Cream

We are mere days away from summer…and you know what that means?? Sunny days, beautiful weather, shorts and flip flops all day long, and ice cream 24-7. Oh yes, ICE CREAM! And when ice cream is homemade—it’s even better. So dust off those fantastic churning machines and let’s get to work!

Now I’ll be the first to admit, every time I think about making ice cream, I always stop and ask myself—is it worth the effort? Why not just go out and grab a pint? But then I remember how ridiculously easy it is to whip up a batch, particularly when you have a trusty ice cream maker that does all the churning work for you. Added bonus? You know every ingredient that goes in it.

Whole berries and eggs

I generally lean towards the chocolate-based ice creams but with all of the lovely fruits that come with summer, it’s hard to resist wonderfully sweet berries, mangoes, melons, and stone fruits. This time around I thought I would up the ante by roasting some fresh berries to add to the custard base. When berries are roasted, the flavor and sweetness intensifies and brings an incredible depth to your dish.


This ice cream starts with a simple custard base of heavy cream, milk, sugar, egg yolks, and a vanilla bean. After the custard has cooked and thickened, it needs to be refrigerated overnight in order to get the perfect texture. Once chilled, just follow your machine’s churning directions and add in the roasted berries at the last minute.


The finished product is rich, creamy, and berry-licious!

Davidson’s Safest Choice® Pasteurized Eggs are perfect to use for ice cream bases. Davidson’s Safest Choice® only sources eggs from vegetarian-fed hens that are hormone and antibiotic free. This not only produces a beautiful, bright yellow yolk but also provides a rich flavor and texture that will give your ice cream that added bit of decadence.

Here’s my recipe for roasted berries ice cream. Check out the store locator to find Davidson’s Safest Choice® Pasteurized Eggs near you.