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Safe Eggs Your Way

  • Add eggs, feta cheese, and veggies for a tasty and balanced breakfast on the go! bagel
  • Go traditional with a sunny side up egg on wheat toast, or add bacon to make an egg sandwich! toast
  • This tasty wrapper is only about 50 calories! corn tortilla
  • Brown rice has four times the fiber of white rice (4 grams in a cup)! brown rice
  • Is it eggs for dinner, or pizza for breakfast? You decide! Try with prosciutto and sundried tomatoes. egg pizza
  • You have to go all the way to the store to get these, but in Victorian England, they were delivered directly to homes! English muffin
  • Try a ham and egg sandwich on an English muffin with a little cream cheese... savory and satisfying! ham
  • A great base that lets you get creative... how about adding poached egg, asparagus, &  shrimp? hashbrowns
  • If you’re not a big fan of scrambled eggs, try their moist and flavorful cousin: soft-scrambled eggs. scrambled eggs
  • A thin omelet offers sophisticated presentation for any meal of the day… and filling choices are unlimited! omelet
  • Potatoes don't have to be a side; you can mix roasted potatoes right in to scrambled eggs! Sprinkle with cheese & chives. potatoes
  • Hard-boiled eggs aren't the only option for adding egg to your salad. Try soft-boiled or poached eggs for rich yolk  flavor to meld with your dressing. salad greens
  • Try an omelet or egg sandwich with spinach, feta, mushrooms, and sun-dried tomoatoes! spinach
  • Sunny <em>and</em> safe, thanks to the Safest Choice all-natural pasteurization process. sunny side up egg
  • A soft, runny yolk adds rich flavor that's lost by other cooking methods. With Safest Choice™, a runny yolk is a safe yolk! soft-boiled egg
  • The Safest Choice™  natural pasteurization process eliminates the risk of Salmonella, so our eggs are safe to eat any way you like! over easy egg
  • An over-hard egg is a great start to creating your own breakfast sandwich to go – no mess! over hard egg
  • Food snobs will tell you never to actually <em>boil</em> an egg. We’d say, why bother, when you can <a href=_http_//safest-choice-pasteurized-eggs/hard-boiled-eggs.html onclick="window.open(this.href); return false;">buy them already boiled and peeled</a>? hard-boiled egg
  • For a new twist on Eggs Benedict, try a poached egg on English toast with salmon, avocado, &amp; Hollandaise. poached egg
  • Try prosciutto and feta cheese as creative omelet fillings! prosciutto
  • Combine with avocado, tomatoes, and chives for a unique omelet any time of day! smoked salmon
  • Shrimp, eggs, and avocado combine to create a deliciously rich flavor profile. Complement with chives or bacon. shrimp
  • Healthy and versatile… use in scrambled eggs with pico de gallo and cheddar cheese. Then wrap in a corn tortilla for a breakfast packed with protein &amp; fiber. black beans
  • Asparagus and Hollandaise go together like... bacon and eggs! So why not combine all four? asparagus
  • Where’s the bacon? We’d recommend it goes right on that plate down there! bacon
  • Boring button mushrooms become a spectacular treat when carmelized. Saute in olive oil, and if desired, add a pinch or sugar or fruity vinegar. carmelized mushrooms
  • A lovely &amp; delicious accent! Try with cheddar cheese in scrambled eggs, or with cream cheese and shrimp in an omelet. cherry tomatoes
  • It's for more than just pasta! Try pesto to add a little twist to your next veggie omelet. pesto
  • As if pesto weren't exciting enough on its own! sun–dried tomato pesto
  • Learn <a href=_http_//recipe/hollandaise-sauce-recipe_.html onclick="window.open(this.href); return false;">how to make Hollandaise</a>! This treat really has no substitute, and it’s safe when made with Safest Choice™ eggs. Hollandaise
  • It’s not just for bagels! A deliciously creamy accent in scrambled eggs, or combined in any egg dish with salmon, asparagus, tomatoes, or shrimp! cream cheese
  • Make sure any soft cheese you buy is made with pasteurized milk! herbed feta cheese
  • The average American eats almost 11 pounds of cheddar per year! cheddar cheese
  • Avocados are famous for their “good fat�? – that’s monounsaturated fat, which may actually help lower blood cholesterol. avocado slices
  • A tasty accent and lovely garnish for egg-centric meals. Chives are easy to grow, and perennial in most of the US. chives
  • Make your own fresh pico by combining chopped tomatoes, onions, chilis, cilantro, &amp;  lime juice. Combine with feta and shrimp for a unique omelet filling! pico de gallo
  • Sundried tomatoes have a higher concentration of flavor (and lycopene!) than fresh. Delicious on an egg pizza with feta and spinach! sun–dried tomatoes
  • These tiny nuggets of deliciousness are actually small flower buds! Great in a salmon omelet! capers

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