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Adding fresh eggs to your smoothies packs in high-quality protein on-the go, and boosts nutrition for a healthy standalone snack, an irresistible nutrition supplement, or a refreshing summer treat. One of nature’s most nutrient-dense natural foods, eggs provide a perfect complement of all the essential amino acids and offer extra vitamins such as B12, D, riboflavin, and folate, too. And don’t forget the antioxidant value of fresh eggs plus fresh fruits!

What better way to boost your nutrition any time of day than with a healthy smoothie! Discover the truth about smoothie nutrition in our blog post, Smoothie Nutrition and Protein—As Simple As Four Ingredients and a Blender.

Spice up your smoothie with A Dozen Smoothie Ideas. Remember, there are no rules when it comes to smoothies! And with Safest Choice™ Pasteurized Eggs, you can boost nutrition without sacrificing safety.

Pasteurized equals peace of mind

Davidson's Safest Choice® pasteurized eggs taste great and are safe for all your favorite egg dishes! Davidson's gentle water bath pasteurization reduces the risk of Salmonella in eggs without changing the nutrition or flavor. In fact, Davidson's pasteurized eggs have earned the Seal of Approval for exceptional flavor and culinary performance from the American Culinary Federation (ACF).

The Raw Egg Risk

Davidson's eggs aren't just good for sunny-side up or poached eggs. Consider all the recipes that feature raw eggs, like eggnog, Caesar salad dressing, raw cookie dough, custard and more. Take homemade ice cream, for example. Over a four-year period, more than 500 illnesses in the US were traced to Salmonella bacteria in homemade ice cream, according to the CDC. The ingredient at fault? Raw or undercooked eggs.